Basic Techniques in Field Tennis Games

Basic Techniques in Field Tennis Games

Basic Techniques in Field Tennis Games – Tennis is a sport that is almost similar to badminton. Some people may already know well about this one sport, because this sport is already popular throughout the world including Indonesia.

Basic Techniques in Field Tennis Games

Indeed, tennis enthusiasts are not as much the same kind of sport. Not because it is not popular, but the power in this sports game is arguably 2 times more tiring than badminton.

For those of you who are familiar with tennis, you are in the right article. Before playing of course you must know some basic techniques in tennis so that you make the right preparations for this one sports game.

Racket Holding Techniques

In holding a tennis racket there is certainly a right way. There are 3 types of methods: Eastern, Western, and Continental. The three have a different way, the following explanation:

Eastern is a way of holding that is similar to shaking hands. With this grip technique you can give a complete blow.

Western is a racket grasping technique that is used for topspin hits. The way to hold the racket is the same as you hold the handle of the pan.

Continental is a way to hold a racquet used by athletes in the past when using wooden rackets.

These three methods are still often used by tennis players until now. If you do it right, of course you will be better prepared when serving the ball from your opponent.

In addition to the basic technique of holding a racket, there are many other techniques that you should know to avoid mistakes

Tennis has almost the same way as table tennis. The rules and the way to play are the same, it’s just that the size of the pitch is different, of course table tennis uses table media as a field, and the movement is not as extensive as table tennis that needs to master almost half of the tennis court to be able to take a hit from your opponent.