History of Tennis Courts Tools and Punches

History of Tennis Courts Tools and Punches

History of Tennis Courts Tools and Punches – The first tennis ball game was played in 1877 and is still played today, and this sport has become an Olympics event in Seoul.

So that the game of tennis has become an international sports game where every olympic is always present in this sport, and now there are a lot of pro players you can see on television and on the internet.

The tennis court has a length of 23.77 m, the width usually reaches 8.23 m this size is usually for a single player and the size for a double is usually only different from the width size, width of the double size of 10.97 m.

History of Tennis Courts Tools and Punches

For those of you who really want to play field tennis, you need to know the type of shot, if you want to become a professional field tennis player you have to master the types.

  • Passing Shot
    A passing shot is one of the blows to deceive an opponent and can be done with fast movements so that the opponent will lose or be weak.
  • Groundstroke
    Groundstroke is a type of blow to attack where the attack is forehand and backhand.
  • Spin
    Spin is a type of punch with the racket tilted so that the ball will change direction, and this movement can be used using the forehand and backhand.
  • Dropshot
    Dropshot is a type of punch full of attacks so the ball can hit the net and the opponent cannot hit the ball.

The tools available in field tennis games

And the tools used by tennis players are:


Tennis has become more developed until now due to the level of difficulty, challenges, and the increasing competition between countries that are no longer looking for fun but prestige and also the dignity of the country represented.