Some Benefits of Exercising Tennis for Body Health(1)

Some Benefits of Exercising Tennis for Body Health

Some Benefits of Exercising Tennis for Body Health –

Field tennis is one sport that can be done by anyone at any age,

But although all ages can play but expertise in doing this sport can not be considered normal.

Field tennis also has many health benefits, both in terms of physical, emotional, and mental.

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Below are some of the health benefits of playing tennis;

1. Improve cardiovascular health

Healthy living to old age is everyone’s dream, and tennis is one of the answers.

because this exercise can improve your cardiovascular or cardiovascular health.

This exercise requires your heart to pump blood more efficiently because it is done with high intensity.

Some Benefits of Exercising Tennis for Body Health

2. Increasing body coordination and strength

When doing tennis, there are certain techniques that require body muscle strength,

Such as backhand swing, forehand swing, and smash shots.

Muscle strength that works fully is the hand and leg muscles.

This exercise requires high concentration to think more tactically, and a higher alert to bring about perfect coordination between muscles and the brain.

3. Burn calories

Tennis is one of the high-intensity sports.

There are many movements that are carried out from one side to the other, that’s what makes the body able to burn many calories faster.

4. Practicing discipline

When you do this exercise, automatically your discipline will be trained by itself.

Because this exercise must be done regularly, so that makes you become disciplined.

Strategic Planning

Field tennis can increase your focus, because this sport forces you to think about what steps to take next,

What strategies to take, and what tactics you should use.

All that affects your opponent’s game.

Awareness of the importance of health is very important from now on.

Tennis is just one good step to be able to enjoy a healthy life.

However, equipment in doing this sport also cannot be underestimated,

Such as shoes, pants, clothes, to the tennis racket itself.