Three Rules for the Latest Tennis Court Sports

Three Rules for the Latest Tennis Court Sports

Three Rules for the Latest Tennis Court Sports – The Latest Rules for Field Tennis Sports Games. Each game does have its own rules so that the game can still run well. as is the case with the latest tennis court rules. Field tennis is indeed known for its many rules and must be observed by every player.

No wonder this game is often a violation of players. But if you are already a representative of this field tennis game you will surely need to know the latest rules. This is required so that you do not violate the game during play.

This field tennis game is an on-field game made with the shape of a football field. But there are differences in size and no goal. The field for this field of tennis only needs a net in the middle of the field to separate where the opponent’s house and ours are.

Three Rules for the Latest Tennis Court Sports

In this game of tennis there are also referees who set the course of the game. The referee tells what happens when a violation occurs and there is also a referee who calculates the points of each player. The difference in referees in tennis is not as much as in soccer referees. But the basis of the referees’ remains the same as to regulate the course of the game so that the players remain orderly and players can follow the rules.

If you want to know the rules of the latest tennis court games, then keep watching this article, because I will tell you some of the latest rules in playing tennis.

New field tennis rules

The following rules are the latest tennis sports games:

  • Hit using a racket
    This tennis game requires players to be able to hit the ball using a racket.
  • Perform service
    In tennis this field there is an opening game or what can be called a ball service.
  • Provision of center line
    In this tennis court game there is a laying of a center line using a net in the middle with a height of 91.4 cm and 107 cm. This net separates where the opponent and us are.

How do you understand?